How It Works

ABC'S Alternative Behavioral Coaching is a new years resolution program for any time of the year.

In fact, it links your life starting at birth and runs through to age 52 from one year to the next.

It links every 5 years through your live. So if you haven't finished or want to start something new,

this programs will inspire your future to stay on your goals with a calendar, 20 life link cards and a journal.

How it works.

The theme is that God never meant for children to raise themselves.

The calendar keeps you on track with goals and timed tasks while creating a new wonderful you and ending an old habit within a 2 to 3 week period. If you need 4 weeks, take it.

There are 52 weeks in the year so you have 26 new opportunities while linking your growth.

Use the cards like solitary. Place them next to your bed, or around your home etc to remind you of the wonderful things you have to look forward to.

Laminate the cards or just add your own custom text or photos.

ABC's life links.